Bathroom Makeover Stamping Textured Walls “COUTURE”

I thought I would give this Stamping a try…we have a 1990’s faux finished bathroom I was bored with. We Stamped Couture right over the faux wall. I love the way the stamp is not perfect it looks sort of faded and old world, the walls are textured so it was the perfect remedy.

We love it and it was super fast, once we practiced on a cardboard box a few times…we started on the wall and just randomly placed the Stamp. I did slip a couple of times, I wiped it off and kept going.
This bathroom took us about 2 hours start to finish.
Thank you, Jen Hollister

Damask Stamped Powder Bath Floor

Tue, Mar 10, 8:24 AM

Good morning Laurie-

Here are various pics and I will send 2 video clips separately in just a minute to show how easy the stamping process is.

I will complete this guest bathroom redo next week and will send you pics with it finished out and decorated.
I am also doing my master bath floor later next week and will send those pics.( I just had a new shower installed and am waiting on the contractor to finish up his work before I can paint.)

In April I will also be stamping my kitchen backsplash and a master bedroom wall behind my bed with the brick stamp!!

So exciting! Thanks so much for your wonderful stamps.
I am hosting a women’s event at my house March 26-27 and anticipate many of the ladies will fall in love with my new floors!

Brandy Low

Vintage Style Stamped Brick Wall

Headboard Wall “Vintage” Brick

I wanted the irregular look of antique brick with chippy lines and cracks. And mortar lines are not straight due to the old brick. Using the Brick Stamp would be quicker than masking tape-which is how I’ve done it before…
Here is the finished project!

Kathleen Walker
Conway Arkansas