Bathroom Makeover Stamping Textured Walls “COUTURE”

I thought I would give this Stamping a try…we have a 1990’s faux finished bathroom I was bored with. We Stamped Couture right over the faux wall. I love the way the stamp is not perfect it looks sort of faded and old world, the walls are textured so it was the perfect remedy.

We love it and it was super fast, once we practiced on a cardboard box a few times…we started on the wall and just randomly placed the Stamp. I did slip a couple of times, I wiped it off and kept going.
This bathroom took us about 2 hours start to finish.
Thank you, Jen Hollister

Custom Teenage Girls “Fleur De Liv” Stamped Wall

I saw this pattern on the Original Wall Stamp website, I decided to give it a try. After practicing on a cardboard box, I tackled the walls. There is for sure a learning curve, I felt the stamping got better as I went along. I did have to wipe one off because it slipped. but over all it was an afternoon project. My daughter was surprised when she came home and loved it!
The wine cork dots made it all come together.
Thank you, Wendy Jakobi

Red and Gray Brick Wall

I wanted to share what I created with the brick wall stamp. This is my dog room/aka Reindeer Stable. I have two Mini Dachshunds and one Yorkie all with Reindeer names. I am so pleased with the result. I was going for an old brick wall that I saw when visiting Alcatraz. Please share my pictures as you like.

Judy Stacey
Chester MD

Damask Stamped Windows

Good Morning Laurie,

I love your stamps! I purchased the Damask stamp from you at the Anaheim Home Show and finally used it this weekend. I tried to fold the stamp to get into a smaller area but was not working for me so I stamped the 4 larger pieces of the glass in the door with the full stamp and had to cut it down for the 12 little windows. I will be purchasing another Damask stamp from you soon along with the rose stamp for another project. I have included before and after pictures that you requested and am looking forward to see what you think. I absolutely love how the door and side lights turned out. Thank you for designing such a great product.


Lori Knebusch