Bathroom Makeover Stamping Textured Walls “COUTURE”

I thought I would give this Stamping a try…we have a 1990’s faux finished bathroom I was bored with. We Stamped Couture right over the faux wall. I love the way the stamp is not perfect it looks sort of faded and old world, the walls are textured so it was the perfect remedy.

We love it and it was super fast, once we practiced on a cardboard box a few times…we started on the wall and just randomly placed the Stamp. I did slip a couple of times, I wiped it off and kept going.
This bathroom took us about 2 hours start to finish.
Thank you, Jen Hollister

Offices with Couture

Office with Couture
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Heidi with Couture

Heidi with Couture

Letter From Heidi

Hello Laurie,

I heard about you through my mother-in-law. She saw the stamp on the Hallmark Channel, I believe, and she sent me over the link. We both were hooked. I’m so excited she led me to your site and I will absolutely pay it forward. As a business owner myself, I absolutely understand and live by grassroots marketing. I have no doubt in my mind this is going to become a staple for those who like to work with their hands and who appreciate the sense of accomplishment that comes with a good ol’ DIY.

I took your advice from your video. I can’t wait to try more stamps! I’m a big DIY fan!

Thanks again for your product. It was so much fun and so so easy!


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